Service Bulletins & Notices

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Click here for notice/letter regarding rotor arms.

Note that replacing primary control cables is a safety critical task. Failure to carry out the task correctly will result in unsafe condition. All work must be carried out by authorised personnel to current, approved data.

The latest revision of the Jabiru Aircarft Technical Manual – JTM001 –  contains details on correctly replacing cables and must be referred to for this task. operators must also be aware of the content of Jabiru Service Bulletin JSB027 – Control Cable Inspection (Kit Built Aircraft). Both of these documents are available for download from this website.

LSA Owner/Operator Responsibilities

The following responsibilities for the owner/operator of a LSA listed are prescribed in the ASTM standard F2295:

  • Each owner/operator of a LSA shall read and comply with the maintenance and continued airworthiness information and instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  • Each owner/operator of a LSA shall be responsible for providing the manufacturer with current contact information where the manufacturer may send the owner/operator supplemental notification bulletins.
  • The owner/operator of a LSA shall be responsible for notifying the manufacturer of any safety of flight issue or significant service difficulty upon discovery.
  • The owner/operator of a LSA shall be responsible for complying with all manufacturer issued notices of corrective action and for complying with all applicable aviation authority regulations in regard to maintaining the airworthiness of the LSA.
  • An owner of a LSA shall ensure that any needed corrective action be completed as specified in a notice, or by the next scheduled annual inspection.
  • Should an owner/operator not comply with any mandatory service requirement, the LSA shall be considered not in compliance with applicable ASTM standards and may be subject to regulatory action by the presiding aviation authority.


Click Here for Airworthiness, Liability and Warranty Document


Airframe Bulletins & Advisory Notices


JSB044-1 Jabiru Control Surface Hinge Inspection Jan 8 2021
Applicability: All Jabiru Aircraft over 5 years since manufacture

JSB042-1 Jabiru Aileron Tube May 17 2019
Applicability: All Jabiru Aircraft over 4000 hrs TTIS

JSL021-2 Charging System Operation Procedures June 10 2019
Applicability: All Jabiru Aircraft

JSB041-1 Elevator Cable July 13 2017
Applicability: All Jabiru Aircraft over 1000 hrs TTIS
JSL019-2 Rudder Cable End Inspection Dec 14 2015
JSB029-2 Jabiru J170 Handling Upgrade July 30 2015
Applicability: J170-C Aircraft up to S/No. 317 and J170 aircraft using original tail fin

JSB009-2 Alternate Propeller Mount System June 29 2015

Applicability: All Jabiru Wooden Propellers

JSL003-2 Jabiru Fuel Tank Sealant June 29 2015

Applicability: All Jabiru Aircraft

JSB038-1 Jabiru Composite Propeller June 22 2015

Applicability: All Jabiru Composite Props

JSB037-1 Wing Attachment Bolts March 20 2015

Applicability: Jabiru Aircraft with over 2000 Airframe Hours

JSB019-2 Control Surface Clearance Nov 24, 2010

Applicability: All Jabiru Aircraft

JSB030-2 LSA Category Weight Limitations – South Africa May 25 2011
Applicability: Jabiru J200-299 Aircraft Family operating under LSA category in South Africa only
JSB028-1 4 Seat / 2 Seat Conversion (Kit Built Models) Oct 29, 2010
Applicability: Kit/Amateur Built Jabiru Models J200 J400 J230 J430 J450 J250

JSB027-1 Control Cable Clamp Inspection (Kit Models) July 9, 2009

Applicability: All Kit Built Jabiru Aircraft

JSB017-4 Digital Instrument (EFIS & EMS) Maintenance May 5, 2009
Applicability: All Jabiru Factory Built Airrcaft equipped with Dynon EFIS and/or EMS instruments

JSB026-1 Adjustable Rudder Pedal J160 170 Jan 15, 2009

Applicability: Jabiru J160-C and J170-C Factory Built Models

JSB025-2 Undercarriage Bolt Life May 7, 2009

Applicability: All models of Jabiru Aircraft. Includes both kit built and factory built models

JSB023-1 Configuration Update 2 J160-C Jan 14, 2009

Applicability: Jabiru J160-C Aircraft

JSB024-1 Fuel Line Routing Jan 9, 2009

Applicability: All Jabiru models equipped with wing tanks both factory built and kit built

JSB020-1 Bell Crank Mar 4, 2008

Applicability: J160-C, J170-C, J230-C and J230-D factory built models

JSB011-1 Fit Lower Seatbelt Attachments Aug 16, 2005

Applicability: Jabiru LSA, SP, UL & Early J160 models (including variants such as Calypso)

JSB008-1 Main Undercarriage bolts Mar 31, 2005

Applicability: Jabiru J400 Family (J400, J430, J450)

JSB007-1 Stub Axle Replacement  Nov 29, 2004

Applicability: All Jabiru Aircraft

JSL001-1 Header Tank Upgrade  Nov 22, 2004

Applicability: Jabiru Aircraft with wing tanks

JSB006-1¼” Nose Leg Pivot Bolt Oct 21, 2004

Applicability: Early Jabiru Aircraft Models with 1/4″ nose leg pivot bolt

JSB003-1 J Series Door Hinge Oct 14, 2004

Applicability: J400, J200, J430, J230, J450, J250 models

JSB002-1 J400 Elevator  Drive Arm Oct 11, 2004
ONLY APPLIES TO J400’s flying under our PFA certification package UK
JSBA4 Elevator Travels On All Aircraft Dec 18,2001
Sensenich Propeller Service Bulletin 10-07-21 (Composite Blade Only -Experimental)



Engine Service Bulletins & Advisory Notices


JSL023-3 Jabiru Engine Overhauling Important Build Issues May 1,2020
Applicability: All Overhauled Jabiru Engines and Specific Non-Scheduled Maintenance

JSL017-2 Pattern Parts  October 16 2020
Applicability: All Jabiru Engines & Aircraft

JSB012-9  Jabiru Engine Flywheel Attachment  November 30, 2022
Applicability:  All Jabiru engines

 JSL024-1 Cylinder barrel head bolts  September 11, 2020
Applicability: Jabiru Engines variants Gen 1, 2, 3 (Steel barrels)

JSB014-3 Propeller Installation Maintenance Feb 12 2019
Applicability: Non Jabiru Approved Propeller Installations

JSL022-1 Fuel Pump Drain Feb 8 2019
Applicability: All Jabiru Airframes/Engines
JSB040-2 Mechanical Fuel Pump Dec 19 2 017
Applicability: All Jabiru Engines up to Serial Number 22A3811 & 33A2768
JSB004-4 Jabiru Engine Oil Pump/Cooler Dec 19 2017
Applicability: All Jabiru Engines up to Serial Number 22A1958 & 33A795
JSB005-2 Early Jabiru 6 Cylinder Muffler Dec 19 2017
Applicability: Early 3300 Engines fitted with a Jabiru Muffler
JSL014-5 Jabiru Cylinder Head Inspection Dec 19 2017
Applicability: All Jabiru Engines up to Serial Number 22A3811 & 33A2768
JSL008-2 Valve Spring Washer Adverse Wear Dec 19 2017
Applicability: All Jabiru Engines up to Serial Number 22A3713, 22B317, 33A2603
JSL007-7 Alcohol Lead Compression Ratio Fuel Guidance Nov 1 2017
Applicability: All Jabiru Engines & Aircraft
JSL018-1 Oil Cooler Hose Oct 1 2015
Applicability: All Jabiru Engines
JSB031-3 Engine Through Bolt Replacement and Upgrade Jan 15 2015Applicability: Jabiru 2200 and 3300 Engines used in FLIGHT TRAINING OPERATIONS ONLY
JSL015-1 2200 Engine Distributor & Rotor Dec 15 2014Applicability: Jabiru 2200 Engines S/No. 22A3574 – 22A3684 (includes 22B284, 22B286, 22B306, 22B318) & 2200 distributor & rotor parts supplied 21 Feb 2012 – 18 Dec 2013
JSL010-1 Service Time Intervals November 21 2014
Applicability: All Jabiru Engines
JSB018-3 Jabiru Engine Tuning October 15 2014
Applicability: All Jabiru Engines
JSB022-2 Propeller Flange Attachment June 20 2014
Applicability: All Jabiru Engines
JSL009-1 Starter Solenoid June 5 2013
Applicability: Accessory Kits sent with engines and spares invoiced Oct 2012 to May 2013
JSB033-2 Piston Circlips April 24 2014
Applicability: Specific Serial Numbers of 2200 and 3300 engines. See bulletin for applicable serial numbers
JSB021-1 Configuration Update 1 J160-C Jan 14, 2009
Applicability: Jabiru J160-C Aircraft
JSL005-1 Starter Motor Earth Cable September 1, 2008
Applicablility: All Jabiru Aircraft
Dipstick Settings & Comparisons April 4, 2008
Applicability: 2200 and 3300 Engines
JSB010-3 Statement of Compliance to ASTM LSA Feb 20, 2008
Applicability: Engine Serial numbers 22A1845 and above, 22B001 and above, 22C001 and above, 33A722 and above, 33L722 and above
JSL004-1 Engine Cooling J230 Jan 29, 2008
Applicability: J230 Aircraft serial number range 292 to 578
JSL002-3 Engine Economy Tuning Cancellation of Service Bulletin Letter Oct 5, 2007
Applicablity: Cancelled. JSB018-1 replaces this letter
JSB016-1 Engine Cooling Apr 19, 2007
Applicability: All J160 and J170 models
JSB013-1 Engine Rocker Chamber Vent Aug 8, 2006
Applicability: 2200 Engines Serial Numbers 22A2068 – 22A2439 and 22B002 – 22B028
JSB001-1 Revised Jabiru Engine TBO’s May 11, 2004
Applicablity: 2200 and 3300 engines
JSBA3-3 Fuel Systems Cleaning  Dec 21 2017 – Now Cancelled