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Jabiru Aircraft Pty Ltd is a fully Australian owned family business located in Bundaberg Queensland. It was founded in 1988 by Mr Rodney Stiff who designed both the Jabiru airframe and Jabiru engine. Exported worldwide, Jabiru Aircraft is one of the leading manufacturers of recreational aircraft in Australia, with over 2000 aircraft and 6000 engines produced to date. At Jabiru we believe that passion and innovation moves the aviation world forward.

The Jabiru range of aircraft is popular with the recreational flyer, flight training and cross country flying. With features such as dual controls, in-flight adjustable trim, electric flaps, cabin heat and full featured GPS and EFIS/EMS systems, this aircraft will take you anywhere with ease and comfort.

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New Style Jabiru Shirts and Jackets now available!
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Solo Flight by Owen Zupp – Great reading!
Owen is serialising his “Solo Flight” book for free at his website. Chapter 4 has just been released with a new chapter each Monday. Here’s the link to chapter 4 (previous chapters are also on his website):- http://www.owenzupp.com/writing-blog/solo-flight-chapter-4

Generation 4 Engine Update:-
Production of the Generation 4 engines is ramping up and the first 65 Generation 4 engines have now rolled off the production line here at Jabiru. Our order board is filled up to September 2018. To secure a production slot beyond September 2018 please contact sonyah@jabiru.net.au

Factory Demo J120-C Aircraft For Sale!!  Give us a call for details.

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Posted 3 weeks ago


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I fitted this to my (new) early model 2200 knowing it’s starter motor would struggle in cold weather. It always starts on not more than a couple of blades

How do I order one?

what do they do

What do you consider cold? Don't have one fitted and was having starting issues at -2deg C, Started fine when temp warmed up to +2deg C.

Michael Joness

Is this simulator to a shower of sparks or slick start system?

It's a battery powered cdi piggy backed onto one of the coils only energised when the starter is operated,gives an intense spark at low rpm

Never had a problem starting my Jabiru UL 450. Would rather have the big foot rims and tyres. Anyone got a set for sale

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