Why Jabiru?

Jabiru Aircraft Pty Ltd has been in operation for more than 30 years and has gained a strong presence in the Recreational Aviation scene. The aircraft have proven to be of high structural integrity. Both the engine and the propeller have been designed specifically for the aircraft though the engine has applications for other airframes . Jabiru has sold approximately 2,000 aircraft and 6,500 engines throughout the world.

Jabiru aircraft, engines and propellers are certified to CASA or ASTM LSA standards which are internationally recognised airworthiness and quality assurance standards.

The product is supported by detailed technical manuals available free of charge on this website.

Jabiru is an Australian owned company. Airframes, engines and propellers are designed and manufactured in Australia.

Jabiru and its founder, Rodney Stiff have won numerous awards both in Australia and overseas. Click here to read more.

See the About Jabiru page for development history.

See the Testing Highlights clip for a demonstration of load testing and spin testing of the Jabiru.

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