Jabiru Journeys

If you would like to share your Jabiru journey, send us the story with photos to info@jabiru.net.au. We can then upload the story to this page.

Jabiru Site Visit

Credit for the video below goes to:
Stephen Limkin, Principal Creative of Light Studios
and Damien Wills of GoFly Online

David P Eyre & Jabiru Beginnings

Jabiru Aircraft would like to acknowledge the great contribution that David Eyre made with his introduction of young and old to Jabiru Aircraft and the spin test work that he undertook for Jabiru Aircraft in the early days.

Rod Stiff’s memories of David P Eyre highlights these contributions and his journey with Jabiru.  Click Here To Read

15yo Solomon Cameron Solo around Australia in Jabiru J230

Click here the image below to read the article in Sport Pilot Magazine July 2019

Jabiru LSA 55-0722

Click the image below to read the history of Jabiru 55-0722

Qld Recreational Aircraft Assn Club

2013 Kimberley Tour – Click the imag below to read

2015 Southern Tour – Click the image below to read

Flying in West Africa

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June Edition 2011, Sports Pilot

Jabiru Speed Record

Set in 2002 by Julian Harris (UK) and recognized by the FAI in Switzerland – Click Here To Read