Other Options

Booster Seat and Back Cushion set

For those who can’t quite reach the rudder pedals, the Booster Seat and Back Cushion Set is an option along with the Adjustable Rudder Pedals are an option along with the Booster Seat Set.

Door Window Air Vents

Keep cool with snap air vents in the windows that direct the air where you want it.

J230 Adjustable Rudder Pedals

For those who can’t quite reach the rudder pedals, Adjustable Rudder Pedals are an option along with the Booster Seat and Back Cushion Set.

Confor Foam

Available size:  400mm x 470mm x 30 mm

Confor Foam has been recognised as the best seat cushion available for comfort and impact safety since the Apollo Space Program. It is an open cell, elastomeric, slow memory, urethane foam, that breathes and wicks away body moisture. Because of its unique ability to absorb shock, it provides an impact safety factor that has no equal. Also there are no pressure points after two or three hours of sitting in one position. It is excellent for use in aircraft seats. Confor Foam becomes very firm in cold temperatures; however body heat will cause it to regain its optimum comfort. It should always be used with an absorbent breathable cover such as cotton, wool, breathable leather or polyester.

Confor Foam meets FAR 25.853, FAR 25.855 and Cal 117 burn specifications.

Density is firm = CF47 (Green)

Shockwatch Indicators

5g Re-Settable Indicators – We’ve now added these indicators to our product range – they’re a simple magnetic gizmo which give an indication if the aircraft exceeds 5g. We’ve had them in our factory demonstrators for a while now and they have been a handy maintenance aid – if the red dot is showing we know somone has had a landing which was more of an “arrival” and the plane has had a good thump. If we spot it’s been tripped , at service we give the undercarriage a particularly thorough going-over. We’ve also taken to recording whenever they get tripped in the maintanance log so that we can see how often it’s happened over the life of the plane and judge if any parts need to be replaced as a pre-emptive measure.

They’re a good toy for any owner and a particularly useful tool for schools, maintainers and owners of aircraft in cross hire. The one on top in the photo is “set” while the one underneath, with the red dot visible has been tripped. The little tool shown off to the right is so that you can reset the indicator and go again.