Spare Parts

Please click on this link for the Manuals page for help to find the spare parts part number or description you need for your order. All manuals can be searched by pressing Ctrl-F or ⌘-F, and then typing in your relevant search term.

For the airframe parts see the photo of the cards with the part numbers and/or the construction manual. Alternatively, photograph the part you are wanting to replace and email it to Remember to include the rego of your aircraft and the model in the details of your order on the contact form below.

For engine parts, refer to the parts manuals, the overhaul manual for Gen 4 engines, maintenance manual, and the installation manuals and/or send a photo of the part you want to replace. Remember to include the engine serial number and a note if it has been upgraded. The rego number of the aircraft is also helpful.

If you need further assistance, phone between 8am – 10am Monday to Friday. Outside these hours, please send an email with your questions and details to for airframe spares and for engine spares.

Please note that Spare Parts personnel and Technical Support personnel are working on aircraft and engines and are not available after 10.00 am.


Click Here for Instructions on Assembly of Main Wheels and Tyres and Fitting of Brake Discs


Card Diagrams





Complete the form below to request a quotation for spare parts