Jabiru J170-D  

The J170 was developed with the flying schools in hotter climates in mind. It is the J160 with the longer wings of the J230 and a bigger elevator. The longer wings allow it to climb faster in hot conditions. The longer wings also provide more float on landing which is helpful when learning to land. The dual controls and adjustable rudder pedals are continued in this model. The 100 knot TAS cruise speed is still easily achievable at 2850 rpm.


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  • Designed to ASTM 2245 American Light Sport Aircraft Airworthiness Standard
  • High-winged, strut-braced monoplane with wing flaps, mass balanced elevator and in-flight adjustable trim.
  • Outstanding performance.
  • Cruise Speed @ 75% power 100 knots (True Airspeed)
  • Range (at max range speed) 850nm
  • Endurance (nil reserve) 8.5hrs
  • 4 stroke JABIRU 2200 cc engine designed specifically for the Jabiru aircraft.
  • All the engine management features of conventional GA light aircraft: Carburettor air heating, dual ignition systems.
  • The engine uses a pressure compensating carburettor with automatic mixture control, giving simple “single lever” power control.
  • The efficient engine and airframe deliver excellent fuel economy.
  • Gentle and predictable stall characteristics, with light and responsive controls.
  • 45 Knot stall speed without flaps at 600kg.
  • Fully enclosed quiet cabin, seats 2 in comfort whether training or cruising.
  • Ergonomically designed cockpit has side-by side seating, centre controls and panel mounted throttles plus the option of adjustable rudder pedals.
  • Hard-wearing cabin interior includes easily removed seat covers for simple cleaning.
  • 2 large doors provide easy entry & egress.
  • Low cowls and large windows provide excellent visibility.
  • Tricycle undercarriage, steerable nose wheel and hand operated in line hydraulic disc brakes make ground handling simple.
  • Large ailerons and winglets give excellent cross wind handling performance.
  • All composite construction removes the corrosion problem.
  • Wing and power loadings provide high performance and handling.
  • Efficient high aspect ratio wing gives excellent lift combined with low drag. The wide wingspan gives great stability in turbulence and allows comfortable operations at high altitude or from short runways.
  • Designed to need minimal, simple maintenance.
  • Auxiliary electronic fuel pump for ease of starting and added security in flight. A wide range of optional equipment including leather upholstery, strobe and landing lights, transponder, encoder and various instrumentation upgrades.
  • Tool Kit

Development of the J170-D

Note: Prices listed are for the Australian Market only. All price enquiries for other countries please contact Jabiru Aircraft.

Jabiru reserves the right to change prices and specifications at any time without notice.

The pricing for the J170 is currently the same as the J230.