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Distributor cylinder map

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Hi. My engine is a 2200 serial no. 2637.

In the distributor cylinder map drawing found in the original documentation, the 12 o’clock cylinder is no. 1. The 3 o’clock is no. 4. The 6 o’clock is no. 2 and 9 o’clock is no. 3. The text says the caps are seen from prop drive end, but then the caps are mirrored and don’t look right.

Now I see in a newer documentation, that the caps are seen from the back of the engine and the caps look right. The maps are now rotated 90 degrees counter clockwise, so now 12 o’clock cylinder is no. 3 and then 2, 4 and 1.

Did you change the engines, or is either the old or the new documentation wrong?

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Hello Olav,

There was an error in the very early manuals.  The engines haven't changed.