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Distributor cap

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Hi. Got two new dizzy caps from SkyCraft UK, but I see the center spring loaded electrode only potrudes 2 mm or so. It can only move 1~1,5 mm. On the old caps the center electrode potrudes 5 mm or so.
When installing the new cap I feel no resistance from the spring, and wonder if there is any contact to the rotor, while with the old ones I can clearly feel the soft spring resistance.

The new caps have got the same Bosch part no. as the old ones, but with a -C added. See photo. The new to the right, and the old to the left. Can you comment on it?

I will not use the new ones before I have got it verified that they are good for use, but right now my feeling is the new ones are faulty items.

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Hello Olav,

I believe we discussed this via email.  It seems there was a problem with the springs in the cap.