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Gen 4 Auto-Reset Breaker

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I have a Gen 4 3300 on order (scheduled to be built this month!) to replace my Gen 2.  I notice that the Gen 4 has a 20 amp auto-reset breaker on one of the alternator output wires.  In my present Gen 2 installation, I already have a 35 amp breaker between the alternator output and the battery.  Will I need to use the Gen 4's 20 amp breaker (to protect the alternator wiring, I assume?) or can I by-pass it and continue to use my 35 amp breaker? (My side of the wiring is appropriately sized for 35 amps.)

John L Austin

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New Gen 4 engines are not fitted with the auto reset circuit breaker anymore.  It will be supplied with a new regulator for the alternator.  This regulator is an improved design that limits the charge current of the alternator (the previous regulators did not).  You will be able use your existing wiring, just change out the regulator.  If your aircraft has a charge warning light, the wiring for that is slightly different with the new regulator.