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Gen 4 3300 low oil pressure with hot oil and low RPM

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I have tried working with the US distributor but we seem to have run out of ideas. 

My generation 4 Jabiru 3300 has about 92 hours on it. Recently it began showing low oil pressure when the oil is hot and the RPMs are low, about 8 psi below 1400 RPM. 

we tried a different washer to retain the PRV, tried an additional washer under the spring, and I even cleaned up the PRV with valve lapping compound. No change. 

cruise pressure is now only 34 psi - used to be over 40

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Hello Sonex1517,

Sorry to hear of your problems.  The causes of this could be difficult to find.  The best option is to contact us here via email - enginespares @  And then we can go through the process of finding the problem.

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I have sn 33A 2959. Is the cruise oil pressure 40 or 34 psi?


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I have gen 4 engine too with 200 hours on it and the oil pressure has also dropped,  changed oil pressure sender and exactly the same.

Oil pressure drops to 1 psi when hot and engine rpm reduced to idle.

Have added second washer under spring but this also did not help.

At 2850 rpm and 85 deg C oil temp I only have 25 psi oil pressure.

Maybe the oil pumps wear letting oil bypass instead of pumping?

Please help.