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Wing strut attachment loose?

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I was lifting my wing tip to change a tire and noticed I had some play in the strut where it attaches to the wing. I confirmed the movement by touching it while a friend moved the wing up and down. I installed tight tolerance shear bolts 20 hours ago. The aluminum bushing appears to have loosened. I left the bolt and nut super loose, the washers can move freely, so I know I didn't damage it by overtightening 


Do I just pull the strut off, and re-flox the bush, or does the attach need filled and re drilled? Manual doesn't appear to have any instructions. Only instructions I can find is for the root attachments. 





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The process is the same as the wing root lugs, except the tap needed is 7/8UNC.  See section in the Aircraft Tech manual JTM001.  

Be sure to check if it is the strut or the bush in the wing that is worn, when you take the strut off.