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Propeller for Jabiru Calypso with 3300 engine

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I have a split in my prop and am looking for replacements. Unfortunately most shops are quoting me 12+ weeks back orders right now, however I have one manufacturer that makes 1620mm 3 blade scimitar style carbon fiber prop for the 3300 engine, however this is giving me pause as the documentation I've seen from Jabiru seems to indicate a 1118mm 2 blade prop as the recommended size.

The mechanic has said he has concerns that the engine might need its carb jetting adjusted and is concerned about overall reliability of using this size 3 blade prop on the 3300 especially as it sounds like when you go from 2 to 3 blades you tend to go a size smaller. The manufacturer says that they have had good luck with this size on the 3300 but I am a strong believer in trust but verify. I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts about this configuration?


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That is a lot of propeller for a 3300 engine.  The standard Jabiru 2 blade propeller is 1524mm diameter.  We don't recommend any 3 blade propellers on any Jabiru Aircraft.