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Jabiru J170 cell type C or D?

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Ciao a tutti chiedo dall'Italia; Sono il proprietario di un Jabiru J170 usato acquistato. Vorrei sapere come riconoscere e dove guardare per capire se il mio Jabiru è con cella C o cella D; quali sono le differenze visive? grazie!

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Hello Cocchi,

If the aircraft was built at our factory it should say on the metal dataplate attached to the tail.  I think, if it is a J170,  that it will be a J170 lightweight.  A special model for europe.  If you post a picture we can tell you.

"Hello everyone I ask from Italy; I am the owner of a purchased used Jabiru J170. I would like to know how to recognize and where to look to understand if my Jabiru is with cell C or cell D; what are the visual differences? thank you!"

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