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J430 stall characteristics

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Apologies if this is old hat but having only flown our J430 for a few hours and with a type conversion instructor, we have experienced very "soft" stall behaviour.  Unlike our previous experience with Robin DR40 and Cessna etc the stall is not preceded by any warning buffet and does not induce the characteristic nose drop if the incipient stall is not corrected.  It does what we can only describe as "mush".   This may sound good to some pilots but there is an argument that you at least need a buffet to alert you to an impending risk.  Our stall warner reed also hardly makes a peep!   Is this a normal experience for other J430 owners? (We have the larger wing version of the J430).

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On a J430 the stall can be a kind of mush especially at forward c.g.  At aft c.g. it can become a lot more abrupt.  

The stall warning is adjusted bending  the small lip below the inlet on the wing up or down.  Bending the lip up makes the stall warning come on earlier.