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Fuel Tanks Asymmetric use

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I have a J430 G-PHYZ. I have noticed that even when the aircraft is flown in balance the fuel in the starboard wing tank seems to get used faster than the fuel in the port tank. The level in the sight gauges falls in the starboard tank until it is about 2 cms from the bottom of the gauge. The port tank then starts getting used. At all times there is sufficient flow from any one tank to easily meet the maximum engine consumption. Other J43o owners in the UK report the same effect. Is there any reason of explanation for this effect?

Peter Knight 

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Hello Peter,

It only takes a tiny difference in air pressure between the 2 tanks for one tank to feed faster than the other.  Maybe a difference in the airflow past the tank vents.  Also a small amount of out of balance of the flight will cause the same effect.