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Problem when fast increase i RMP

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I live in Norway and are new to the Jabiru 2200 engine. 

When I give full throttle fast, the engine starts too malfunction at about 2500 RMP.

If i increase the throttle in a speed of (1001,1002,1003) it runns fine. al the way to max RPM.

It also has an tendency to run a litle after the mags are of.

I have changed the prop. to a Sensenich, right length and pitch, but a litte more narrow at the ends.

I think perhaps the carb. gives a little too rich mix.

Does anybody have experience with this?


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Hello Torbin,

The problem at 2500rpm could be a rich or lean condition.  Do you have any egt sensors on the engine?  If you have the egt at 2500 we can get an idea of what the condition is.  If it is around 600C it is likely rich.  The next step is to determine what jets and metering needle you have in your carburettor.  

The running on after the mags are off tells me you are running on unleaded fuel.  The solution to this is to make sure that the engine is idling at its minimum speed for 30 seconds before turning off. This normal stops any running on.  


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