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Oil pressure warning sender.

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After a recent sudden and massive oil leak, I no long trust hose and nipple fittings secured by hose clamps. Today I am getting Pirtek to make me some more secure connectors, but I also want to install a warning system to instantly tell me if oil pressure is dropping (it's easy to not notice a sudden change in the oil pressure gauge).

There seems to be a plugged forward-facing oil hole just around the corner from the oil filter assembly.

Its the ideal location for an oil pressure warning sender. What thread size is it?

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1/8 npt.

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Hi. Just had what seems to be a similar incident. A hose from the oil cooler to the oil thermostat (Silent Hektik), fell off and all oil was lost before the oil pressure suddenly dropped to zero. Apparently the engine has taken no damage. 

Did your engine get damaged? Which checks did you make after the incident?

I plan to do some ground running and make some flights near the airfield. Then replace oil and oil filter, and cut up the oil filter to look for signs of metal particles in the filter.