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Oil Leak on oil feed tube

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I have just done a top end rebuild on a 2200, serial number 22A 200, and after starting it up have discovered a leak at the oil feed tube to the rockers, at the crank case. I thought I might have cross threaded it but that doesn't seem to be the case. The rebuild has taken me quite a while and I can't remember, or find any details in the rebuild manual, if there was an O ring needed! the leak is only on one side. It's quite difficult to get at it, and I'm not too keen to take it off again completely if it's perhaps only a case of giving it a better tightening. Is there a specific tool for tightening it?

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HI James,

It's not unknown for that connection to weep a little, but it shouldn't be a lot.  There is an O-Ring in there which - if it was damaged or not fitted - might be the issue.

There's not a special tool per-se... but cutting up a cheap Allen key and/or using a flex drive tool might make it a little easier.  I have a tiny tiny 1/4" drive ratchet which is good for tight spots like that...



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