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Low oil pressure 3300 Gen 4

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Justi installed a 3300 Gen 4 engine on a new aircraft build. Started great but I noticed the oil pressure was in the 30 psi range, and I noticed that the pressure decreased as it got hotter to the low20 psi range at 183 temp. Stoped the engine and added a washer to the pressure relief spring per engine manual. The next day I started it and noticed the oil pressure was between 10 and 20 psi. At 800 rpms the pressure was 12 psi. (Getting worse)

The engine now has a total time of 20 minutes since new. These are the things I have checked out per the Gen 4 manual

Am running Aeroshell 100 W mineral. The fill mark is between the low and high indication.

I ran a  continuity test between the oil pressure sending unit and my engine monitoring system. Everything is ok.

i pre oiled the engine before starting making sure all lines were filled, oil cooler filled, and oil filter.

rechecked the oil lines to make sure they are connected properly to the oil cooler.

Before using the oil cooler it was flushed.

Am thinking about using another washer, good idea or bad?

There must be something am missing here, because this is a brand new engine that has been factory tested before shipping out? 

All comments welcomed.