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COBRA HEAD Seemed to fix high EGTs

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I have a RANS S-19 with a GEN2 JABARU 3300.  The first flight was in October of 2020.  Early on I installed a device on the BING air intake that had a pair of fins glued into the short tube at a 90 degree angle.  Scat tubing connected the air filter box to the finned tube.  Years ago I bought a COBRA HEAD that I installed for a short time at the time of my first flight.  I decided to try the finned device described above.  I had high EGTs but was able to control it with the addition of carb heat.  Bottom line,  I installed the COBRA HEAD and my EGTs at 2650 are in the 1200 to 1300 range.  I’m still working on narrowing the spread which is close to 100 degrees at some throttle settings but as narrow as 60 degrees at times.

John McGlynn

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I also have a S-19  3300 gen 3 ,  normally my number 6 cyl is the problem with high temp-  1360 F  around the 2700rpm  area .   I due not have a cobra Head.   thinking about getting one  if will help that cylinder.  I like your EGT in the jpeg.  Not sure how much they are.   I am in the ohio area,  where are you located?  interested in with other folks with S-19 Jabiru engines.

T. J.