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Microair shifting frequency

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I am flying an early J160 (2005) with original Microair 360 radio. Don't have the serial number. In "toggle" mode (one active frequency, another standby) the radio all by itself shifts between the two frequencies. Sometimes in a little bump, such as landing or just taxiing, sometimes for no discernible reason. I have seen the same happen in another aircraft with the same model radio. In all other respects the radio functions fine.

Mechanical cause (loose wire etc)? Internal problem? Fixable? Avionics shop?

Cheers Kjell Westerberg, NZ

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Hello Kjell,

Unfortunately I can't help you there.  Your best bet is to contact microair.  www.microair.com.au (They are no longer in the building next to us, their main office is in brisbane).  Failing that an avionics shop might be able to help you out.