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Undercarriage wheel alignment.

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I am a new Jabiru owner, bought a J160 a month ago. Machine built 2005 in NZ. Run a little over 500 hours but been sitting idle in a barn for 6 years. Engine refurbished running great. Flying is fine but the undercarriage is crooked. Did not realize how much until took off wheel spats. Both main wheels 11 deg camber (running on outer edge of tyres) and 7 deg toe in. Done about 25 landings all on tarmac and outer tire thread is completely worn down both sides.

How to fix? Re aligning the wheels and brakes, with washers etc? Straightening the legs somehow (lower legs curled in). Can you buy the legs as spare parts?

Would like to send pic to show but there doesn't seem to be a way.

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Hello Kjell,

You can attach a file at the bottom of the reply screen.  

Simply put you align the wheels by packing the stub axle to undercarriage leg interface. and then filling the spaces with flock and resin mixture.  Instructions are on the Jabiru website under Support/manuals - construction manual - interior - Wheel Alignment_JALL.

Also new undercarriage legs are available contact spares @ jabiru for pricing