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As an "outsider," may I ask a question about Jabiru control cables?  It's my understanding that at least some models use push-pull cables for primary flight controls.  Is there someone here who might be able to share any general specifications about them -- size (1/4", 5/16",etc.), load ratings, and/or manufacturer?  I'm wanting to use them on an ultralight/very light LSA, but am having difficulty finding out much about their use on aircraft.  Thank you.

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Hi Kurt,

All Jabirus use push-pull cables for primary controls, in the 3/16" size (that's the size of the inner core and the thread on the moving part of the cables is 10-32 UNF).  Properly installed and maintained they're very reliable and simple to use - no tensioners, pulleys, ferrules, cable keepers and the like.  They're a little heavier and have more friction than traditional tension-type aircraft control systems.

There are a few places around that make them... CableCraft and McFarlane for starters, plus TGA Cables.  It depends where you are in the world and who you can find willing to make you a couple of custom-length ones.

Your load rating is probably best taken from the pilot load limitations that will be written into the regulation you're using: if the cable can carry the full pilot effort load that will be the maximum load in the system.



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