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Cold Weather Kit for Calypso

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Thread transferred May 2018

Cold Weather Kit for Calypso  1 year 4 months ago#437

·         Adam Anderson

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I have a Calypso with a 3300 engine and I was wondering what the recommendation is for cold weather flying in the Winter? I am talking in the -15 to 5 degrees Celsius range. I was wondering if there is a cold weather kit or recommendation on how to prevent overcooling in these temps. I have seen some talk about using a temp controlled device like this to help keep the temps where they should be. Is this the recommended approach or is there a more appropriate method for cold flying?


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Cold Weather Kit for Calypso1 year 4 months ago#444

·         Doug Smith


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Hi Adam,

At the upper end of that range you'd get by by blocking off some or all of the airflow through the cooler, but an oil cooler thermostat (or vernatherm or TOCA - they go by many names) would be a more elegant solution. There's a kit floating about which is approved by the LAA in the UK: 

The other gent to ask for a current and local answer would be Pete at Jabiru USA:

Other than that, it'd be worth keeping a bit of an eye on EGT (to catch any changes due to winter fuel or cold air temps) and running multi-grade oil.

Long, furry socks would also seem to be a good idea!