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What prop for a Super Drifter?

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What prop for a Super Drifter?  4 months 8 hours ago#669

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I am rebuilding a Super Drifter. Seriously considering a 2200. What composite prop would you use (balance between climb and cruise)? What performance difference would I see compared to a rotax 582 since there is no gear box? Hate the rotax 912 for this application. The aircraft looses its lightness. Thanks,


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Engine Questions3 months 4 weeks ago#673

·         Doug Smith


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Hi Ray,
That would be a fun aircraft... presuming you're not going to change the speed envelope, I'm guessing you'll end up with a prop a bit on the fine side - a climb prop - to stop it going over Vne too often. Typically the main gains on using a 2200 on an airframe like that are the drop in noise, fuel burn, vibration and maintenance rather than outright performance... but it should still move along pretty well. With regard to prop selection, I'd suggest you get in touch with Bolly Props - they've a lot of experience in the game and should be able to put something together for you and tell you what to expect performance-wise.