Engine Failure 3300
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Engine Failure 3300

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Hello, Jabiru team

I am investigating an engine failure of a friend of mine that built a new CH750.  On his maiden flight, his engine started running rough and his Dynon engine monitor lit up like a Christmas tree.  The engine did not stop but lost power.  He made it back to the field, and we removed the cowl, and I noticed that cyl five was discolored and paint burned off.  Removed the spark plugs and it looked like someone took a hammer and smashed the heads of the spark plugs.  We removed the Cylinder, and to our horror, the piston was destroyed, and it looked like the piston slammed into the top of the cylinder head.  This engine is a 3300 serial no 33a872 which is an older unit with 400 hours.   The crazy part is that Mike took the engine to a certified dealer to have it torn down and inspected before he did his maiden flight.

I am assuming that the engine was improperly assembled section 5.11.1 of the manual states that the length of the cylinder must be measured and 1 or .5 mm shims must be used to get proper clearance.  I am assuming this was not done.   I am also an IA, and I am seriously considering reporting this incident for the importance of safety to the FAA.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Link to photos of the damage   https://photos.app.goo.gl/G7YCHcG5V5LcTexi7