Garmin GPS problems
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Garmin GPS problems

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Garmin GPS problems1 year 6 months ago#419

·         Harry Smithard

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Hi I have a Jabiru 120 with the small factory installed Garmin gps. The unit seems to function fine without the engine running but with the engine running it keeps turning off and on

Has anyone else had this problem and has a solution.


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Garmin GPS problems1 year 5 months ago#429

·         Doug Smith


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Hi Harry,
Have you tried disconnecting the unit while the engine is running? The two likely options I can think of are radio frequency noise (coming into the GPS through its antenna) and electrical noise (coming up the electrical connection). If you still have the issue with the unit unplugged then it's the latter. That's assuming that the battery is ok and the connection is sound.
Let me know how you go!

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Garmin GPS problems1 year 3 months ago#486

·         Russ


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had same problem....traced it to intermittant connection within cig lighter plug. GPS plug was unhappy in the cig plug. ( Vibrations etc )

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Hello  ,

Which type of issue your hubby facing , can you elaborate more here because i 'm not able to understand your issue properly.

Ali Sami Farooq

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So, if you are in such a region, the best bet would be to try to get away from the buildings (or to find a building without so much electrical equipment in it) and to get away from the power lines and, then, try the GPS again. The power lines and the other electrical equipment which are generating the noise would have to be at least 10 feet (1 meter) away from you in each direction for the iPhone to be able to read the satellite signals.

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Have any updates here? Have you fixed your issue?