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EMI1 year 5 months ago#422

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I have a 5100 and my problem is emi noise after looking at a number of things I believe I that the problem is ignition noise!
I spoke with a dealer and was told to remove the coil wire which it glued in and replace it with a seilded cable. So after closer look I see the coil wires both look like they have been added onto as to reach the cap ! So th
Ella me what the deal is I think the part bomber is PL10522N my phone number is 1-315-870-0945 please if possiblecouldyoucall me any time day or night l must be honest I didn't feel comfortable with altering the coil pack

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EMI1 year 5 months ago#424

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Hi Dave,
What sort of EMI are you using?
Noise can often be caused by bad earths. If you think ignition noise is your problem then there are a number of things to check.
1. Check the condition of the spark plugs, plug leads, distributor caps etc. There are a lot of areas there that can cause noise - any loose connections, worn parts etc. The engine manuals give some good info.
2. Check the wires between the ignition switches in the cockpit and the ignition coils. Ideally these will be a shielded single core wire. The core shield is connected to the engine (and thereby connected to the aircraft ground). In the cockpit the switch connects the wire core to the wire shield (when that wire is connected to ground the coil stops producing spark). That's usually the best way to prevent ground loops in that connection and thereby radio noise. It's shown schematically on page 268 of the current airframe technical manual, JTM001-7.
3. ferrite beads are your friend. They can help suppress noise in the wiring, especially when they're used near the firewall.

If you've any more specific questions you can send them through to">