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Fuselage Rudder Stop5 months 2 weeks ago#652

·         Wayne Eckertson

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Can you confirm the need of the rudder stops shown on Page 4 of this link below? Because the rudder pedals already have stops, I am wondering if the stops on the fuselage are needed.



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Fuselage Rudder Stop5 months 1 week ago#655

·         Doug Smith


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Hi Wayne,
The external rudder stops are actually the main ones required for certification. The idea is that no matter how much force you put on the pedals you can't move the control surface past the limit set by the manufacturer. Things like handling, and particularly spin entry, are very much influenced by exactly how much the rudder and elevator deflect so you need to make sure they don't go beyond what was tested and certified.

On the other hand, the stops at the cabin end ensure that the pilot can't apply too much load to the control system and break something.

So yes, I'm afraid both sets are needed!