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Jabiru Aircraft Pty Ltd is a fully Australian owned family business located in Bundaberg Queensland. It was founded in 1988 by Mr Rodney Stiff who designed both the Jabiru airframe and Jabiru engine. Exported worldwide, Jabiru Aircraft is one of the leading manufacturers of recreational aircraft in Australia, with over 2000 aircraft and 6000 engines produced to date. At Jabiru we believe that passion and innovation moves the aviation world forward.

The Jabiru range of aircraft is popular with the recreational flyer, flight training and cross country flying. With features such as dual controls, in-flight adjustable trim, electric flaps, cabin heat and full featured GPS and EFIS/EMS systems, this aircraft will take you anywhere with ease and comfort.

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Exciting News:-  

Engine production of the Generation 4 2200 and 3300 engines at the Jabiru Factory at Bundaberg Airport is well underway. Our brand new CNC lathe is bolted down and working and a brand new CNC horizontal machining centre is on order and will be delivered late March. We currently have a waiting list and are accepting orders and deposits for engines.
DRAFT copy of the Generation 4 2200 and 3300 Engine Overhaul Manual is now showing on the Support Page under Manuals.

From the Directors Desk:-

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Leading the Way in Safety -

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Factory Demo J120-C Aircraft For Sale!!  Give us a call for details.

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