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Oil Coolers

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I have the 3300A. My kit came with a "transmission cooler" made by the Long Co. This is the black one that is about 11"(28cm) long by 3 1/2" (9cm) tall and about 1 1/4" (3cm) thick. It has worked a bit on the warm side bit acceptably for the first few years because the climate I was running in was moderate. But now I live in Phoenix Arizona USA. In the summer here the air temps are usually near 115' F (46'C) and the tarmac a bit warmer. So now I am having problems with the oil temps getting into the red during climbout and not coming back down in level flight because the air temps is still 90'F (34'C). I have recently become aware that Jabiru now supplies the Aero-Classic model 8000075 oil cooler with their kits. So my question comes in two parts, first, is the new oil cooler significantly better at cooling and would be a better choice for me. Second, does my location call for an Aero-Classic oil cooler with a much better heat capabilities?

Just as an aside question.....why are all the past questions over 2 years old? Is this site still viable? or have people moved to another site?

Mike Duane

Europa XS N377EA Conventional Gear

Phoenix Arizona USA

Mike Duane

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Hello Mike,

For your climate an aeroclassics cooler would provide much better cooling.  

We have problems with this forum which we didn't realise and so weren't getting any notifications.  

It is all working again now.