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Low time 2200 on a Zenith 701 - been sitting for about 5 years

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Hi Doug,

I'm looking at a nice Zenith 701 with a low time 2200.  Model is 2200A, SN is 22A3473.  I understand the engine has about 110 hours run time and has hydraulic lifters.  It has been sitting for quite a bit, logged under 20 hours in the last 5 years.  Can you provide your advice on this scenario please?

  • Is this a good generation 2200, or a model to avoid?
  • What concerns would you have with the lack of run time?
  • Can you confirm it has hydraulic lifters?

Much appreciated!

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Hi Greg,

The table in the back of the overhaul manual tells me that it's hydraulic, with a "2 ring cam" and hollow pushrod rocker oil feed. I don't recall any special gremlins with that configuration 🙂

Lack of run-time can be an issue... the main thing I'd be looking at is making sure that the cylinder bores are in good condition - no excess rust etc.  Asking about inhibition practices is a good start, but borescopes are readily available now (you can get ones that plug into your laptop or smartphone for a few bucks on-line) and they're the best bet for checking the bores for rust or pitting.  If the engine was ever rusty, then flown, that usually scrapes off the fresh rust but leaves stains, marks and pitting on the bores which can be seen later.  It'd also be worth asking what fuel the aircraft has used and if the owner has taken any steps to prevent it going stale (stale fuel can cause engine damage in extreme cases).

Other than that, it comes down to the usual sort of thing - get a feel for the owner/maintainer and see if you like they way they operate, check the logbooks, ask about Service Bulletins, maintenance intervals, prop balancing, fuel/oil use, what oil has been used etc.. it might be possible to do a leak-down while you're there... to me, confidence in the seller is the key thing.

Best Regards,