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Today I was speaking to another 8 cylinder Jab owner who stated that due to the higher compression ratio of the 8 that Avgas must be used.

So far (23 hours) I have used ultra unleaded 98 and it has performed quite well.

I am aware of the basic points for and against but what is the best regime for the long term health of the engine?

What are others out there using?

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Hi Roger,

The Installation manual for the 5100 says 100 RON or over, which in Australia could mean the really fancy MOGAS (Shell and I think BP do 100 RON MOGAS) or AVGAS.

Personally I've found that the higher-octane MOGAS goes stale pretty quickly, especially in a vented tank - my dirt bike would be hard to start after sitting for anything more than about a week using those fuels and the fix was to get some fresh fuel into it.  So unless I was flying a lot, I'd lean towards AVGAS.  That said, MOGAS burns much cleaner than AVGAS - a very good thing - so it isn't totally out of the question if you manage take care how you manage/use it.

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