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Engine RPM loss at WOT on climb out (taking off) - scary!,

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Hoping someone can help me with tricky issue I have with my Bantam powered by a Jabaru 2200. It appears only when after I do an oil and filter change that when taking off, I apply fullpower down the runway - everything good but as I reach about 200ft the engine losses power. It doesn’t surge or miss, so much as shudders and starts running really rough and drops power to about 2000 RPM ( from 3000RPM). Quite scary as I’m taking off from a short strip (with trees all around) and it does not want to climb out to well at 2000RPM. It then regains fullpower for a moment and drops it again. I’ve replaced everything electrical (I’m a mechanic by trade), have done all the engine tests - engine seems to be healthy - and I’ve come to the conclusion it is the fuel not vaporising properly caused by too much oil in the sump and the fuel not heating up sufficiently in the plenum chamber to ignite the fuel mix properly in the engine. I only ever put 2 litres of aero shell W100 in the engine when I change the oil. I know this is a long rave, but its got me a bit beat. If anyone has similar issues or if Doug could give me his thoughts I would love to hear from you. Cheers, Johno.

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Hi Johno,

That is a weird one.  Does it do the same thing if you do an engine run on the ground?  Is it a hydraulic lifter engine or solid lifter?

I know some vision aircraft in colder climates run a cowling over the sump to keep the oil and plenum a bit warm, but I'd only expect that in pretty cold weather, and even then it's unusual for them to run lean enough to miss or run rough - that's usually a sign that the engine is a bit rich.  Does the engine have carby heat at all?



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I had similar issue with my 3300. Added airflow of takeoff had "stumbling". If I reduced throttle, smoothed out but WOT continued to stumble. 

Mine was fuel starvation. I noted when turning on electric boost, no issues. Mine was a new build so the float bowl appeared to have a restriction preventing the carb from keeping up with the takeoff demand. I removed float bowl and cleaned fuel passages and valve. Verified float setting. 

Resolved my stumbling issue. Hopefully helpful. Stumbling on takeoff is an exciting event!