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upgrades to this 3300  

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upgrades to this 33001 year 5 months ago#431

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Hello all,
Newbee so be nice.
I have just acquired an Arion Lightning year 2011.
It has the 3300 serial # 33A 2386
What mods and such have been made and which should be employed for best opps.??

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upgrades to this 33001 year 4 months ago#441

·         Doug Smith


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Hi Larry,
Any idea if any mods/updates have been done already?

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Good morning I have a 2012 zodiac 601xlb N601DK with a jabiru 3300a engine still having engine cooling problem with cylinder 6 running 100 degrees hotter than all the other ones any ideas how to fix it. 

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Hello David,

It is hard to get an idea of what the problem might be from the information you have given. 100deg -C or F is a lot of difference.  Is it possible you could put some pictures of the installation?

Some things to check are that the cylinder head is sealing properly on to the barrel.  

To do a sender check you can swap the No. 6 sender onto another cylinder.