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Hacman installed in a Jabiru 3300A  


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11/07/2019 10:07 pm  

Has anyone installed a Hacman fuel mixture adjuster on their Jabiru? With a trip to Oshkosh coming up, those pesky Rocky Mountains loom between here (Las Vegas) and there. The Hacman was suggested to me so I am reaching out for real world results. Thanks in advance.


Mike Duane

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Noel Olebos
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14/11/2020 5:57 pm  

Works great on my 3300A. I use only in cruise above 8000' msl.(The Bing carb is altitude compensated up to 8000' msl.) DO NOT TOUCH the throttle while the HACMAN is in use the engine WILL stop. It will start right back up once the HACKMAN is shut off. This will definitely get your attention. I would not use it unless you can monitor each cylinder CHT and EGT while leaning. I have gotten as low as 3.7 gph fuel consumption at altitude and 2750 rpm. Make sure to shut off HACMAN at the end of cruise before decent. HACMAN means "high altitude compensation - manual".