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Gen 4 engine install

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I just installed a new Gen 4 3300 on my J230. I also installed the new regulator that comes with the engine. It runs great however I don't have an RPM reading. I have GRT avionics and a EIS monitor system. I wired the regulator per the information sheet that came with the engine. Is there something I have wired incorrectly?


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Hello Cody,

I guess that your EIS reads rpm from the alternator pulses.  In this case the wiring should be very similar to your Gen 3 engine.  The gen 4 has one alternator output running through a auto reset circuit breaker.  All this means is that if your RPM pickup point is on the aircraft side of this it will drop out if the circuit breaker opens.  Is your alternator charging?   RPM pickup point can be moved to the alternator side of the breaker.