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Carburetor float weight  

Olav Soendergaard Poulsen
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Hi Jabiru

I hear Rotax owners suffers quite a lot with their Bing carburetor floats becoming too heavy. Is there any signs that the Bing carburetor floats on our Jabiru engines can have the same problem? What is the correct weight of the float in my Bing 94CV carburetor?

My engine is a Jabiru 2200 serial no. A2637

Regards Olav Poulsen

Doug Smith
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Hello Olav,

I'm aware of a few cases where fuels have attacked the floats, affected the buoyancy and caused issues - usually with MOGAS or ethanol blends.  We don't specify a float weight, we look at the fuel level in the bowl: so if you remove the bowl from the caby there's a measurement from the lip of the bowl to where the fuel should be (12mm per JEM0002, page 63).

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