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UV protective polishes, coatings, paints, treatments?  


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24/04/2019 7:38 pm  

Yeah, ideally a Jab, or any aircraft that isn't metal skinned (and even the latter) should not be tied down in the sun on the ramp instead of being hangared. But it's nice to have that option without, in addition to concern over heat, wind, and rain, having to worry about UV degradation. Even if nominally "always hangared" at , say, 2000 hours any aircraft has had 2000 hours of UV ... some at altitude where there's more UV... and  then there can be weeks of tied down outside on visitor ramps during cross country trips.

So curious about opinions and experiences of UV protection products.(ranging from things like 303 Aerospace UV Protectant for ten bucks that wipes on but has to be periodically reapplied, to spray on clear coats like UV-Resistant Clear Coating - Krylon, to on the high end a ceramic coating like System X Ceramic which would probably cost about $250 to cover a Jab and claims to be permanent and have the blessings of some major aircraft makers.)I was particularly intrigued by that System X Ceramic. Even sounds easy to apply.

Thoughts? Experiences? Opinions? Facts?


Part of my motive in exploring this is that I'm semi-seriously shopping for a used J-250 or J-350.... and if I thought a good UV-coating on a Jab would allow give me at least a reasonable option to tie down on the ramp (I'm in a mild climate... neither particularly hot, cold, rainy, or windy) instead of paying for an expensive hangar.... and I could do so without feeling I was terribly abusing the aircraft .... that would be something making buying a Jab more attractive.

So, BTW, curious if any Jabs have survived OK without full time hangar?


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Doug Smith
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19/05/2019 3:29 am  

Hi Alex,

No experience with any of those, sorry!

Our traditional paranoia about paint treatments is that some of them - particularly the ones that are silicone based - make it very difficult to repair the aircraft if ever it's needed.  The silicone prevents the new resin from bonding to the old structure.  I've heard on the grapevine that it also makes touching-up the paint difficult, for the same reason.  

That said, I know there are products out there that are marketed as safe to use on Fibreglass boats and the like so, in theory, they should be ok.  I think there are tricks you can use - grit blasting and the like - that also help on the bonding side afterward, if needed.  

I suppose you'd have to do your homework, ask the hard questions and get answers you're satisfied with.  I know of a few Jabirus that live outside... with decent window shades to stop the interior from fading and good care of the paint and exposed metal parts they go "ok".  But if you're like me and you like to wash your aircraft on a half-decadely basis the hangar is definitely the go!



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22/05/2019 9:28 pm  

Hi Doug.

Thanks for your reply.

Yeah... hangar is better. Not just directly for the plane, but also lets us leave our tools and other crap there. But in my area a closed hangar is about $3300 per year. An open (shade and rain protection) hangar $2200 per year. Compared to $600 a year to tie down on the ramp. One can get a complete (windows, fuselage, wings, entire tail) high quality custom-fitted sun and rainproof cover  for about $1800 with an expected life of about five years.) That's a savings of about $12,000 over a decade over an open hanger and about $23,000 over a closed hangar. Can pay for a lot of avionics and service and fuel with that. 😉 


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bruce tuncks
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21/04/2020 1:08 am  

Silicon polish has been used in the motor trade for many years and the repairers cope just fine. Nothing lasts forever and even silicon polish needs a redo every year or so. If you need a repair, there are products to use. I have been told that kero and plastic scourers works ok.

So my recommendation is to use an auto silicon polish.

And I don't know of a Jabiru stored outside. I don't recommend it.

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31/08/2020 4:07 am  

Most cars are not composite.  The danger with silicon polish is that it could make the composite unrepairable.