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Capacitor connection to Voltage Regulator

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I need to smooth out voltage spikes  from regulator with capacitor (22,000uF, 25V) due to alternator whining. This whining pops up in my radio when I transmit.  It's similar what they do with the voltage regulator used for Rotax engine (required by Rotax).  The voltage regulator for Rotax is little bit different from voltage regulator in Jabiru and I am not sure where  I should connect the capacitor beside the voltage regulator in Jabiru. According to the wiring diagram (see attached) it seems to be between pin 6 and ground or perhaps 5 and 6 together and ground.?   The article from Rotax regarding this issue can be found here:!/2012/12/testing-rotax-912914-generator-and.html

Would be glad if someone here could cast light on this