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Jabiru calypso tie down points

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Hi, I live in canada and i just purchased a Jabiru Calypso 2200.

I would like to know the best place to tie the tie down rope on my aircraft. There’s no tie down loop or ring.
So where and how to tie the rope on the struts. 
With the plane there are vinyl/plastics velcro cover that seems to be made to wrap around the struts. Are theses protection for strut against rope?

thank you for any support or advices 

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Hello MongerS,

The normal procedure is to tie the tie down ropes loosely around the upper end of the wing struts and through the hole in the ventral fin. The wing tie down ropes should be angled out and forwards and a with a bit of slack.  A 30 to 45 angle from the centreline would be ideal. 

The vinyl covers can provide protection for the strut but we discontinued these covers a long time ago with no ill effect on the wing struts. 

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Greetings Sebastian:

I also live in Canada and am looking at buying C-IIGZ a 2005 Calypso 2200. How are you enjoying yours?  Have you located anyone in Canada who has worked on Jabiru engines?