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Jabiru Calypso 3300 (US) tyre choices  


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Jabiru Calypso 3300 (US) tyre choices2 years 1 month ago#210

·         Adam Anderson

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I recently purchased a Calypso (as indicated in my last thread about the plane) and in the last 4 months the plane has blown 2 tires. The first was while the CFI that was going to do the transition training was familiarizing himself in the aircraft during taxiing. At that point both main tires were replaced. Then today while doing some pattern work with the CFI (weather has been less than great and are just starting to get time to get practice in on the plane) one of the mains blew again shortly after landing and while taxiing back to take the runway again.

My understanding is that the tires that are currently on the plane are more trailer tires than true aircraft tires.

I have been wanting to remove the wheel pants currently on the plane because I would like to get some grass training as there are some nice grass strips around New England and frankly with the blowout today looks wise they have seen better days. With this said, and with the luck I've had lately with the tires, what would be some of the tire options for the Calypso? I am not looking for massive tundra tires or anything just something that is durable and will handle paved and grass runways well.

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Jabiru Calypso 3300 (US) tyre choices2 years 1 month ago#211

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Hi Adam,
Have the tyres worn out leading to punctures or are the tubes letting go? If the tyres are wearing out quickly chances are it's because of a wheel alignment issue but if the tubes are just failing then it's more likely to be a tube reliability question (assuming they've been put together correctly - not pinched etc).
To answer your original question, there are a few tyre options out there of the same general type. Your local dealer should be able to offer some suggestions but let me know how you go!

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