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Jabiru 3300 AMP Gauge Ranges  


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02/05/2019 5:00 pm  

My 2010 J230-SP is equipped with the Garmin G3X EFIS and EIS. I recently had the G3X Ammeter Shunt added so the EIS can display both VOLTS and AMPS.

The shop that did the work neglected to configure the amperage ranges and limits. I know that the alternators on all 3300 engines have a maximum DC output of 17 AMPS.  Can you tell me the values for:

Red Line -- Minimum Limit
Yellow Arc -- Precautionary Range
Green Arc -- Normal Operating Range
Red Arc/Line -- Maximum Limit



2010 Jabiru J230-SP
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19/05/2019 4:00 am  

Hi John,

If those values aren't in your Flight Manual then they don't exist, formally... you can set some yourself but they'd be "for info only".

 17A would be a continuous limit; it should do a little more than that, for short periods.  That would make it the upper/yellow mark.




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