3300 Carb Temp Moni...

3300 Carb Temp Monitoring  


GLCM Ranger
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05/02/2019 5:17 pm  

Is there a port or proper location to add a Carb Temperature sensor? I am running Garmin G3x Touch with GEA Engine Monitoring system. It has the capability to monitor and display Carb Temp. Just curious if there is a dedicated port for this.




(Arion Lightning with 3300 Gen 3)

Doug Smith
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15/02/2019 11:23 pm  

Hi Ranger,

There's not, no.  But there is a Manifold Air Pressure (MAP) port that you could probably use... you'd have to make up some sort of plug/adaptor to let the sensor in while maintaining the carby seal, and the sensor would have to be pretty small.

Some of the EMS units have intake air temperature monitoring, but from memory the sensor for those went either upstream or downstream of the carby, not within the carb itself.

I've seen a few aircraft where the thermocouple is bonded to the side of the carby, potted in place with epoxy or similar.  

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