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Jabiru J200 Aerofoil  


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Jabiru J200 Aerofoil   10 months 2 weeks ago#553

·         Edel Leonardo

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Hello, I am currently taking up Aeronautical Engineering and was wondering what aerofoil was used for the Jabiru J200's wings and also its stabilizers. This is only for a project at school.

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Jabiru J200 Aerofoil10 months 3 days ago#567

·         Doug Smith


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Hi Edel,
The wing is a NACA4412 while the both the tails are variations on the NACA 0012... The mods (stretching) of the horizontal tail airfoil make it closer to a NACA0009. More recent vertical tails are a pretty true NACA0012, older ones again were more like a NACA0009.