Pinstripe Decal Options

Standard Pinstripes

The Sample Pin Striping on this aircraft pictured below is the STANDARD Straight two tone Pin Stripe. These standard pin stripes are included in the aircraft price. Below are the colours available:

standard pinstripespinstripe-colours


Fancy Upgrade Options

All motifs shown below are the FANCY UPGRADE OPTION and incur an additional cost if chosen. Additional styles are also available.  Please contact Jabiru Aircraft for information and pricing.

Other options available in Australia - click here. Aircraft examples shown below:


Decals: Fancy Jabiru no.8 Black & Orange (also available in various colours)


Decals: Fancy Jabiru no.8 Black & Purple (also available in various colours)


Decals: Fancy Jabiru no.9 Electric Blue and Silver


Decals: Fancy Jabiru no.10 Black, Gold, Black and Dark Grey(also available in various colours)